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The Tale of the Jumbo Repp

By Drake's

Jul 13, 2022

The Tale of the Jumbo Repp


We tell the story of a quality of silk that's new for us this season, one our shop staff have affectionately nicknamed the 'jumbo repp'.


Few ties exude a sense of timelessness and sheer dependability like the classic striped repp. A staple of our output for as long as we’ve been around, the repp tie is beloved by customers new and old, not to mention our staff. The style’s distinctive weave provides a welcome note of texture, while retaining a gentle sheen which creates an impression of refinement. Simply put, if you had to wear one tie for the rest of your life, you might just want to choose a repp.

While designing our SS20 season, we came across a repp silk unlike those we were accustomed to. Instead of the fine, almost invisible ribbing, this material was defined by bold, chunky ridges, with vibrant block stripes to match. It transpired that this silk had been the signature tie fabric of a now shuttered Parisian menswear institution, and in need of a home it had serendipitously fallen into our hands.

As already mentioned, the repp is a well-established favourite among the Drake’s team, so unsurprisingly this idiosyncratic variation was quickly adopted by our shop staff, earning the nickname ‘the jumbo repp.’

The jumbo repp is familiar yet novel, bearing all the hallmarks of a classic repp while boasting a unique visual appeal. We are pleased to offer four versions of it for this season, each one an exquisite piece of handmade neckwear with a timeless sensibility and an unusual, playful feel.


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