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Open Studio: New York with David Matthew King

“I have memories of every street around here,” says David Matthew King, stood on a busy corner of broadway, a typical New York scene playing out around us. “Here’s where I ran away from someone, here’s where I nearly got mugged. All of these core, New York memories.”

“When you live here, there’s a time when you feel like you have some ownership over the city,” he adds, as we dodge traffic and the crowds on the way up towards the Strand book store. “That inevitably changes. Younger people move in and someone else gets to own the city for a little while.”

Bowling in Suits

Available in both our 9 Savile Row and 327 Canal St shops, Drake’s Made to Order tailoring is based on the same soft and relaxed silhouette that you'll find on our ‘off the rack’ suit offerings, with the benefit of a custom fit—overseen by Liam in London and Jack in New York—and a wide array of fabrics and finishes, allowing you to create something truly special. 

To demonstrate the versatility of our MTO offering, we gathered a group of the Drake’s London team—wearing their own Made to Order suits—for a few rounds of bowling… there were even a couple of strikes.

If you’d like to start your own Made to Order process, please get in touch at

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In Paris with Early June

On a calm street down by the Canal Saint Martin, Early June has earned a reputation as a place of pilgrimage. Founded in 2019 by Victor Vautier and Camille Machet, the small wine bar and restaurant operates with a simple philosophy: what if we invited all of our friends to cook here?

Featuring a series of travelling chefs who take over the kitchen for special, one-off residencies, Early June has changed the landscape of contemporary cooking and they have a great time doing it.

We recently caught up with the team there to find out more.

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