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The Special Relationship: How Britain Shaped American Style

Today the British waxed cotton field jacket is ubiquitous, seen on Italian businessmen in Milan and on couples in the hamlets of Connecticut, on French vintners among the vines of Burgundy, university students in Tokyo, film stars in Mumbai and fishermen off the coast of Maine, and commuters from Stockholm to Toronto. We wear it in the fields and on the boulevards because it has both the functionality we need and the style that adapts to any mood. I remember years ago I first saw businessmen in Milan wearing the jacket over their flannel suits and thought it a marvellous display of sprezzatura.

The Boxy Beauty of a Classic Volvo

There are few cars which possess such cultural symbolism as a classic, boxy, indestructible Volvo estate. No carmaker in history has been as synonymous with one bodystyle as the safety-conscious Swedes and its ever-faithful load-lugger, the design of which, some said, appeared influenced by a brick but for many marks a golden spell in the history of the automobile.

Dara Klein’s Italian Kitchen

Down a residential road in Islington, north London, Dara Klein has conjured up a dream Italian restaurant. Operating out of a tiny kitchen at the Compton Arms—a pub that has served as an incubator for other London success stories like Four Legs and Belly—Tiella draws inspiration from Dara’s Pugliese background and the recipes she grew up recreating and absorbing. Italian home cooking as it should be.

Wearing Drake’s brushed Shetland knitwear and our selvedge denim chore jacket, we visited Dara at Tiella to find out more about her kitchen philosophy, the perfect at-home tomato sauce, and the joys and challenges of running your own dream restaurant. 

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