The Spring Lookbook

Los Angeles with Karolyn Pho

“I've been borrowing from my father's closet since I was in high school,” says Karolyn Pho, “and I still do to this day. I look to menswear when I want to feel powerful and effortless… which is always.” 

Hockney’s California Dream

Until he arrived in Los Angeles in 1964, David Hockney had never driven a car. Within a week of arriving in California he had a license, a car and a studio to paint in. “Everyone wore white socks, and it was always sunny,” he would later recall. “It was the first time I’d seen so many shades of bright yellow and orange.”  

“‘When I first went to Los Angeles, it was really three times better than I thought it would be.”

The Church of Ian Felice

Hillsdale, NY is down the road from Hudson, NY, which is a couple of hours away from New York City, but it feels like a long way from anything. A few lonely clapboard houses, a general store, meadows, forests and streams, the Catskills somewhere off to the west. Farm Country; frost still flanking the roadside after a late season weather front. 

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