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The Reversible Vest

By Alfred Tong

Jul 13, 2022

The Reversible Vest


Our new reversible vest does double duty, available in either a rich tweed or a sturdy bedford cord, both of which reverse to an outdoorsy quilted nylon.


Pay attention at the back, gentleman, and prepare yourselves for a lesson in the “classics.” Our new reversible vests fall under the category of what I like to call “rurban accessomorphosis” which is, of course, the Latin name for what we more commonly refer to as the ‘gilet’, one of the most versatile and useful garments known to the male wardrobe.

“Rurban” because they bridge the gap between city and countrywear, a combination of rural and urban. In Milan, that notable tribe of style-mongers known as the “MMM” (or, the Middle Aged Millionaire Milanese), wear gilets over their jackets or suits for zipping around town on their scooters. At first glance, a gilet may seem like a jacket without sleeves, but it is this peculiar lack which makes them so very useful for taking sharp corners on a scooter. Our reversible version, available in either bedford cord or checked wool tweed, can also happily do double duty when walking the dog in the countryside.


And “accessomorphosis” (as coined by one Virgil Abloh, a term referring to a garment so flush with pockets that it’s akin to an accessory) because its strategically placed pockets can happily accommodate the daily ballast of mobile phone, Range Rover keys, and Moleskine notepad, without disrupting the lines of the tailored jacket that one might be wearing underneath. The quilted vest negates the need to carry a bag, making it the ultimate layering piece.

They happily work over casual layers like a rugby shirt, sweatshirt, or chunky knitwear, or underneath a waxed jacket for a bit of extra warmth in place of a heavy coat. When worn with tailoring, it serves to dress down the look of a suit or blazer, as well as adding an interesting pop of colour and texture. This ability to wear it over tailoring makes it especially useful for those of us who cycle or ride scooters into work. Alternatively, it can pop in underneath a tailored overcoat or raincoat for when it gets especially cold.

Add to that the fact that each can be worn inside or out, and you have a supremely versatile bit of outerwear to see you through the changing seasons.


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