The Corduroy Six-Panel Ball Cap

By Drake's

Jul 13, 2022

The Corduroy Six-Panel Ball Cap


Taking inspiration from vintage souvenir and membership hats, we present our Six-Panel Ball Cap. Crafted from corduroy, with a soft crown and a gently curved peak, each one is adorned with embroidered detailing. 


In these days of temporarily shuttered barber shops, baseball caps (and hats in general) have become nothing short of indispensable, offering a crutch to men who are suffering under the burden of their long-neglected barnets. From Zoom calls to supermarket queues, men everywhere are hiding the shame of their follicular predicaments with the aid of the humble baseball cap. 

This is not, of course, the first time the baseball cap has been a useful and relevant accessory, and it is more than simply a tool to disguise three months’ worth of haircut denial. Rather, the baseball cap is one of those wardrobe stalwarts that transcends eras, styles, and dress codes, to become something much more than the sum of its parts. 

Here at Drake’s we have long been fans of a cap, and we had begun to ask ourselves why we hadn’t gone and made our own. Well, now we have. Presenting our Six-Panel Ball Cap: a marvelously simple design consisting of a soft, unstructured crown, a gently curved peak, and an adjustable headband. To properly ring in this new style, we have created a miniature collection, consisting of three styles in an assortment of colours. We opted to make each from corduroy, as it seemed like the Drake’s thing to do. We’ve used soft needlecord for some, and a sturdy Bedford cord for others.  

Another great thing about the simple baseball cap is that it’s something of a blank slate. While it is true that you will sometimes see a plain cap, more often than not they are embroidered with some sort of logo or motif. We are particularly fond of those charmingly idiosyncratic hats that proclaim membership to a club or society – golf, or sailing, perhaps – and bemoan their apparent disappearance from men’s wardrobes. 

In tribute to these club caps of a bygone era, we have adorned ours with the logos of nonexistent organisations, which – while entirely fictional – are hopefully plausible enough to convince an observant stranger. So, with our Six-Panel Ball Caps you can pledge your allegiance to either the Chard Racquets Badminton Club, or the Haberdasher Horticultural Society, without ever having so much as returned a lob, or planted a bulb.


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