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The Anatomy of a Shirt

By Drake's

Jul 13, 2022

The Anatomy of a Shirt

As the chatter of sewing machines has grown quieter and quieter across the country, we are proud to own one of the last dedicated shirt factories still operating in the UK. This ownership has given us tremendous freedom to experiment and tinker with every aspect of our shirts – the fit, shape, construction, and details – until we arrived at what we feel is the consummate item, the real deal, the perfect shirt.

Located in Chard, Somerset, in the UK’s gorgeous West Country, our factory has a long and prestigious history of shirt-making. With the combined abilities of our astonishingly talented team of shirt-makers – many of whom have been practicing their trade for decades – we are able to deliver a product which excels on every front: the shirt our handmade ties and tailoring deserve.

Below, we present a visual elucidation of what makes up a Drake's shirt, as captured by the inquisitive lens of renowned photographer John Spinks.

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