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Ripstop Overshirts and Summer Tweed Jackets

By Drake's

Jul 13, 2022

Ripstop Overshirts and Summer Tweed Jackets


Just in time for the milder weather, we introduce two new iterations of our linen-silk blend 'summer tweed' jacket. On top of that, we have some highly versatile overshirts, cut from a premium ripstop cotton.


There's something reassuring about a tweed jacket. It's one of those rare items that manages to be cosy and tough-as-nails at the same time. It's only natural, then, that when spring arrives and the tweeds have to be packed away until the autumn, some of us can feel a bit lost. 

Luckily, we have what we call our 'summer tweed.' It's a blend of linen and silk which has all the heft and texture of real tweed, but is airy enough to wear when the temperatures rise. No longer will the onset of spring be a cause for consternation: just replace your heavy wool tweed with one of these, and don't give it another thought. 

Alongside these summer tweed jackets, we also have a new overshirt in three colours. We've adjusted the block of our overshirts very slightly, to make them a little shorter and trimmer. We've also reintroduced the two-pocket style that's been absent for a little while. 

We wanted to create a sense of toughness and utility with these, so we selected a ripstop cotton that's an echo of vintage military pieces. They're typically worn over things, but here we've styled them beneath the aforementioned summer tweeds. With a garment as versatile as this, there's no right or wrong answer. 




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