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Keep on Truckin': Old Reliable Gets a New Lick of Paint

By André Larnyoh

Jul 13, 2022

Keep on Truckin': Old Reliable Gets a New Lick of Paint



You don't need to be hauling an 18-wheeler big rig across the US of A to enjoy our considered new take on the classic trucker jacket. It's heavily informed by the finest vintage examples from the 1970s, with a slim, short cut, and slightly elongated collar. Best of all it's available in selvedge denim, and selvedge corduroy.

We hand over to André Larnyoh for some jacket-based reminiscences.


My mother and the two uncles she grew up with during the ‘70s and ‘80s were, naturally, huge fans of Bob Marley & The Wailers. If I dare go into one of my uncles’ homes and even mention the word Exodus, there will be no peace in the house for hours (the album is only 50 minutes, but there’ll be constant rewinds). I mention this because when I think of denim jackets, my mind goes to two individuals: my mother, and Bob Marley. When it comes to the former, my mum is a woman who doesn’t give a damn about fashion or trends but has a denim jacket that she is immensely proud of. It was brought out each year only in summer and accompanies her on every holiday. She said she saw a friend wearing one when she was younger and immediately rushed to the nearest GAP (it was the ‘90s) to pick one up. 22 years later, the only telltale signs of wear are the typical fading of colour through repeat wearing and washing. Other than that, there are no tears, rips or patches, the collar is only just starting to fray, and she still wears it to this day. She sees no reason to buy another one.

Bob Marley, on the other hand, needs no introduction. There’s an image that sticks in my mind, of Marley performing in the late ‘70s. He’s in a well-worn denim trucker jacket, sleeves rolled up to the forearm, and badges adorning the jacket’s front. I became enamoured with the trucker jacket while at university. While getting ideas for how to wear one, I came across all the usual suspects: Alain Delon, Paul Newman and such, swaggering around in perfect looking trucker jackets. But it was always that image of Marley that I came back to. His jacket looked honest and worn, and it was a far more interesting example of what a good denim jacket could look like.

To arrive at their own solid take on the trucker jacket, Drake’s have taken inspiration from vintage pieces from the heyday of denim, the ‘60s and ‘70s, and accordingly made a few solid tweaks whilst still staying true to the simple yet enduring design at its core. The silhouette is short and slim, the copper hardware has been subtly branded with the Drake’s logo, there is a roughout suede patch at the waistband and the collar is inspired by the brand’s shirts, making it slightly more generous than usual.

Available in either a 14.2 oz Japanese selvedge denim or Japanese selvedge needlecord (big fan of the rusty brown) it is a true essential of the casual wardrobe. On a final note, when it comes to choosing between a darker rinsed or a bleached version jacket, my personal preference is for the former and letting time do its job. I’ve had a denim trucker jacket for eight years and it’s gone with me from long city trips to camping in the desert. There are tears at the pockets, frayed sleeves, and a patch at the back of the neck to cover a blowout. This isn’t a jacket that should be babied in my opinion, it was made for rough and tumble. So have at it and take it everywhere you go this summer. Hopefully, in 20 years’ time you can still look at it with fondness.


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