Black Ivy Lookbook

A Modern Take on Black Ivy: The Lookbook

By Drake's

Jul 13, 2022

A Modern Take on Black Ivy: The Lookbook

A Modern Take On The Black Ivy Look  

We have invited our long-time friend and the author of Black Ivy: a Revolt in Style, Jason Jules to collaborate with us on a special edit and unique lookbook inspired by the book and movement.

Following the success of the London launch in our Savile Row store, the New York launch in our Canal Street ‘Open Studio’, and a run of limited-edition sweats and t-shirts, we wanted to expand upon this fantastic project as seen through Jason’s unique aesthetic and cultural lens. 

“I see this collaborative project as a kind of tribute to an epic and truly nonconformist style - it's a modern take on the Black Ivy look”, says Jason.

“Collaborating with Drake's on this has been a lot of fun. Referencing stories from the book along with thousands of other images from my personal archive, I think we've come up with something really special - both in terms of the clothing and the lookbook.

“In some images, we’ve abandoned the standard rules about colour, texture and proportion altogether. While, in others, the looks are understated, pared-down, and minimal. But there's nothing nostalgic or retro here – it still looks very now.”

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