2022 Seoul Travel

Drake’s in Seoul

By Drake's

Nov 18, 2022

Drake’s in Seoul

Twelve (and a bit) hours and 5,500 miles from Heathrow, Seoul is, of course, a technologically-forward and vibrant mega city, a world away from London and New York, but it’s also welcoming, compelling, and a source of constant stimulation and inspiration — a natural home for a Drake’s shop in the oh-so-happening Dosan district. 

Joined by our friend, the inimitable Jason Jules, who will be writing a series of essays and guides on his favourite places along the way, the Drake’s team from London joined up with our Dosan counterparts for a local’s tour, Drake’s style. The food, the sights, the late night soju and, of course, the clothes and characters that make Seoul a city like no other. 



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