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Drake’s in Copenhagen: Good Gløgg at the OPEN STUDIO

By Drake's

Dec 1, 2022

Drake’s in Copenhagen: Good Gløgg at the OPEN STUDIO


For the sake of inter-Nordic relations, we have to state that more than one Scandinavian country has claimed the invention of gløgg as their own. Whoever is the true originator (we’re going to say Denmark), it just might be the perfect winter drink. An elevated mulled wine. A full-bodied red, some sugar, cardamon, ginger and cinnamon, a little bit of apple juice for citrus, which can be fortified even further with an added shot of vodka, aquavit or schnapps.  

On each Saturday in December, beginning on Saturday 3rd, the chef and friend of GOODS and Drake’s, Mikkel Karstad, is going to be manning his own glögg station at the Copenhagen Open Studio. He’s created a special blend just for us, using local ingredients and a bit of Nordic know-how. 

“It’s a very traditional Danish drink, that I’ve given a twist,” says Mikkel, pouring his magic gløgg into stoneware cups outside of his rural cabin. “Usually you have almonds and raisins in the mix, but I’ve replaced it with sea buckthorn, which has a taste that is almost tropical fruit and adds a different texture.” 

Finally, Mikkel has added a neatly sliced circle of dried mandarin, and a homemade butter biscuit. Having tried it (and then again… and again), we can confirm that you’re not going to want to miss this glögg. 

Skål and see you soon.

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