Corduroy Shorts

By Drake's

Jul 13, 2022

Corduroy Shorts

Last summer we made the case for the lesser-spotted corduroy shorts. Although corduroy typically appears more in winter – like heavy jumbo cord slacks and wide-wale jackets – it’s a perfect summer fabric, too. Of course, we’re not suggesting you drape yourself head-to-toe in elephant cord for a picnic in the park. No, you need the right cord for the occasion. What you’re looking for in the warmer months is a dry, compact needlecord, one which boasts all the texture and visual interest of its cold-weather counterparts, but with none of the heaviness and warmth-retaining properties.

So that’s exactly what we have here. We’ve also gone a bit more adventurous on the colour choices than you might expect. When you think of corduroy you tend to picture mossy greens, chocolate browns, and deep shades of mustard. And while those are colours we swear by in winter, summer is an opportunity to have fun with your wardrobe and wear some brighter tones.

The season itself is rich with colour – think striped parasols, blossoming flowers, the sparkling sea – so we’ve reflected this in our choices. Rhododendron purple, Aperol orange, and 3pm sky blue all make an appearance, alongside sunshine yellow, leafy green, and sunset pink. This riot of colour can easily be tamed by pairing your shorts with more sober attire, like a plain white oxford shirt or a navy polo. But it might be that you want to embrace the spirit of the season and add even more colour on top. One of our Japanese linen summer shirts might make the perfect accompaniment to your new cord shorts, or for the ideal poolside pairing might we suggest our camp collar holiday shirts, available in plain linen, or light, crinkly viscose printed with vintage-inspired designs.

If you’re loath to pack away your cord suits and jackets with the arrival of spring each year, then see these shorts as a cheerful way to quench your corduroy thirst throughout the summer. They’ll see you safely into next autumn, when that beloved wide-wale jacket can come back out of hiding once again. 


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