2017 Lookbook

Autumn / Winter 2017 Lookbook

We could think of no better setting for our Autumn Winter 2017 lookbook than the windswept terrain of the Shetland Islands.

By Drake's

Jul 13, 2022

2017 Coats & Jackets

An Adopted Second Skin

A British style classic, or something more profound? Roberto Viscomi considers the timeless waxed jacket.

By Roberto Viscomi

Jul 13, 2022

2017 Lookbook Photography Shetland

Kevin Davies for Drake's

I love walking. It's time to relax, and to think.

By Drake's

Jul 13, 2022

2017 Tailoring

Coming to Terms with Tweed

Overcoming a deep-seated aversion to the stuff, Aleks Cvetkovic finally comes to terms with tweed, discovering its unequalled powers of self-expression. (Originally published in Vol. 1 of Common Thread, under the title 'The Power to Transport'.)

By Aleks Cvetkovic

Jul 13, 2022