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The Bureau: Luke Edward Hall

By Drake's

Jul 13, 2022

The Bureau: Luke Edward Hall

Artist, Illustrator, Interior Decorator

I am an artist and interior designer and I also design fabrics and ceramics. My work is very varied - one day I could be helping an interior design client to choose paint colours, the next I might be drawing a picture for a commission and then the day after that painting vases or approving new fabric samples.


Towards the end of last year, I worked on a set of illustrations for a hotel in Palm Springs, California. It was great fun because, even though strictly speaking it was work, I was able to spend a couple of months drawing all of the things I would usually be drawing anyway - swimming pools, palm trees, cocktails!

That was my first big commission. When I signed the contract it was an important moment for me - I realised that I would hopefully be able to work for myself and do the things that I love, and at the same time support myself and grow my business. The job itself was creatively very rewarding, which made the whole thing even more exciting. 

My personal style is very colourful, like my work. I suppose my signifiers are my tortoiseshell glasses and my chinos (I have pairs in almost every colour). I like simple clothes and honest materials - well cut jackets in wool and linen, crisp cotton shirts and good quality brogues and loafers, but I want things to be colourful, because I like wearing different colours together (pink and green is a favourite combination). Sadly a lot of men's clothes I seem to come across these days are navy or black, which is so uninteresting to me. I never wear black. I like to buy a lot of old things too - I picked up the most incredible tweed jacket from the 1930s a couple of weeks ago and I can absolutely never resist a funny old Fair Isle jumper.

David Hockney is my all-time favourite style icon. But right now? I'm obsessed with Agatha Christie's Marple; I've seen them all at least ten times, I'm sure. The costumes are incredible - good jackets, jumpers thrown over shoulders, lovely wide trousers.

Drake's clothing is just the sort of clothing I like - start with simple jackets and jumpers in good colours, and then ramp up the fun with patterned scarves and pocket squares. The quality is great, and I very much like that the clothes are made in England. I print my fabrics in England too - I believe in supporting British manufacturing

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