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Five Ties You Should Own

By G. Bruce Boyer

Sep 16, 2022

Five Ties You Should Own

There’s a lot of bric-a-brac that passes for fashion writing these days, but the true markers of style continue to include neckwear.  A young man should have a strategic neckwear wardrobe. Not because it’s a necessary uniform, but because it’s a telling adjunct, the sort of thing that gets noticed. A few well-chosen, quality ties - low-key and luxurious, rather than hyper-stylish - can make all the difference in the world. Simplicity of cut, quality construction and materials, and discretionary taste are the hallmarks of fine neckwear.

To help ward off the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, I’d consider these ties essential equipment in the armoury to accompany virtually any tailored outfit:

A  plain navy blue silk grenadine (either a grosso or fina): The tie that looks smart with almost any suit, certainly gray flannel or chalk-striped worsted, but will do perfectly for a pristine approach to a navy blazer as well.

A silk knit in a black: this tie seems to partner very nicely with a great variety of sports jackets, the majority of which are in gray, brown, and green hues. But particularly astute dressers pair it with a navy double-breasted blazer and maroon pocket handkerchief.

A silk madder in a classic paisley print, dark wine or green: the classic tie to wear with a solid or striped business suit and striped dress shirt.

A plain dark gray wool or cashmere: a perfect accompaniment to tweed sports jackets and checked country shirtings, with a rich, textured, slightly casual air.

A bright coloured silk tussah: a decidedly dressy approach that looks best with an immaculate cutaway collar and white linen pocket square.

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