2020 Festive Knitwear

Festive Jumpers

By Drake's

Jul 13, 2022

Festive Jumpers


Forego the garish novelty jumper and opt instead for one of our luxurious knits. Made by the finest craftspeople in the world, they should last a lifetime of festivities.


For those who take clothes seriously (though hopefully never too seriously), there is a special sort of ire reserved for the festive jumper. Seen as antithetical to the tenets of good taste, festive knitwear has become synonymous with those garish novelty jumpers that may have originally sprung from Nordic knitting patterns, but which are now long divorced from any sense of craft, quality or tradition.

A natural aversion to anything that could be considered a ‘festive jumper’ is understandable, however, this is the time of year when knitwear really comes into its own. Even without the additional constraints of lockdown and quarantine, the festive season is typically a time for staying indoors.

As a great many of us have come to know only too well this year, dressing specifically for the indoors can be a tricky business. Wearing your finest clothes with no one to see them can feel like a waste, but there is something disheartening about existing solely in loungewear, and over time it begins to take a psychological toll.

The key, then, to holiday season dressing is striking a balance between comfort and style. This is achieved with garments that are soft and comforting (something Aleks Cvetkovic made the case for in last week’s luxury gift roundup), and what fulfils those criteria better than knitwear?



Knitwear also presents an opportunity to have some fun. Where the bulk of men’s clothing invariably errs on the sober side of things, for whatever reason, jumpers are generally more acceptable in brighter colours and far-out textures.

As well as this, something about the season seems to encourage a certain lightheartedness when it comes to clothing. So it’s the perfect time to brighten up your wardrobe (and your days) with a new jumper to see you through the holidays (and, indeed, beyond: our knitwear should last a lifetime, unlike the disposable novelty jumpers made to last a single Christmas). We have shaggy Shetland knits in every colour, from sunshine yellow, to emerald green, to sky blue. We have cheery striped numbers inspired by our classic repp ties. And if it’s your particular desire to look like a Mondrian painting, then say no more: our very stijl-ish (sorry) colour block jumper should do the trick.

So, cast aside the tacky, brightly hued acrylic and polyester: let us reclaim the festive jumper, and reinstate it as a symbol of craft, quality and festive cheer.


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