The Summer Lookbook

Good Taste with Todd Nickey

From the balcony of Todd Nickey’s house, hidden somewhere high up in the hills of Pasadena, the landscape looks a bit like Tuscany on a sunny morning, a palette of vibrant greens, reds, oranges and scorched browns melting into a cloudless sky; chickens clucking and a steady breeze rolling through the cypress trees.

It’s a really nice house.

Drake's in Seoul: A Conversation with Dongmin Shin

A short drive from the polished streets/catwalks of Gangnam, late afternoon sunshine filtering through the taxi window, we arrive at a house that doubles as the headquarters of IAB STUDIO; the sort of manicured building that looks like it could be occupied by an affluent family with a small white dog and a new BMW.

A Return to Seoul

Over a few days in early summer we returned to Seoul, city of 10 million people and, possibly, even more barbecue restaurants. Over the years it’s become something of a second home for Drake’s, a great, sprawling, evolving metropolis that takes time to properly reveal itself, full of countless friends and old favourites. A good time guaranteed.

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Revue: Mark Cho


The London-based DJ puts together a selection of jazz, hip hop and soul deep cuts

Drake’s Radio Ep. 23: No Tempo Dos Sonhos with Ricardo Paris