The Japanese Selvedge Corduroy Five-Pocket Trousers

By Drake's

Jul 13, 2022

The Japanese Selvedge Corduroy Five-Pocket Trousers

We elevate the wardrobe staple with an extraordinary Japanese selvedge corduroy.

It could be argued that no wardrobe is complete without a pair of five-pocket corduroy trousers. Versatile enough to pair with casual clothing, but refined enough to wear with a tailored jacket, they have a relaxed charm all of their own. With that in mind it would be remiss of us not to include them in our ever-expanding legwear repertoire. However, when we set out to design our own version, we didn’t feel satisfied settling for the kinds of needlecord fabrics that are typical fare, so we began a search for something special. This fabric quest eventually led us to Japan, where we found exactly what we were looking for. You’ve heard of selvedge denim. You’ve heard of corduroy. Now prepare yourselves for selvedge corduroy. 

For those who thought it couldn’t be done, for those who doubted the existence of such a mythical cloth, we invite you to feast your eyes on the fruits of our labour: the Japanese Selvedge Corduroy Five Pocket Trousers. The fabric has a lovely, substantial hand – initially stiff, like selvedge denim, but which gives way to softness over time. The trousers are cut with a slightly higher rise, allowing them to pair nicely with tailoring, and have a slim, straight leg for an elegant silhouette.

We currently offer the trousers in two colours: a summery, un-dyed natural ecru colour, and an indigo-dyed navy. Because of the natural dyeing process, the navy colour will patinate over time, meaning each pair will eventually take on its own unique characteristic.

If you’re in the market for a solid pair of trousers that are suitable for almost any occasion, but you feel you’ve evolved beyond wearing regular old non-selvedge corduroy (heaven forbid), then these are the strides for you.

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