The Winter Lookbook

Festive Gifting

Channeling the best of dressing for deep winter, we've compiled an edit of our favourite cold weather pieces for the festive period and beyond. The perfect gifts for you and your nearest and dearest. 

A Tale of Two Lobster Shacks

There’s a bridge and a slow road that passes through the town of Wiscasset—the old coastal Route 1—and a queue that snakes down Main St and onto Railroad Avenue. The source of this patient waiting doesn’t look like much, really, a low building that slopes on the pavement in faded red and white, an American flag jutting out from the side and a sign overhead that reads Red’s Eats. This is the most famous lobster shack in Maine and, in all likelihood, America.

Ken's Boat

It’s a beautiful day in South Freeport. hardly a ripple on the water. Men in yellow rubber boots carry buckets full of fish from the pier, others ready ropes and start engines, puttering softly in the late morning quiet. Harraseeket, a lunch and lobster restaurant, is closed for the season.  We meet Ken Sparta, oysterman and restaurateur, at the end of the harbour, already aboard his metal schooner. 

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