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The Waxed Linen D-43 Jacket

By Drake's

2022년 7월 13일

The Waxed Linen D-43 Jacket


The D-43 may have been conspicuous by its absence for a little while, but we are excited to announce its return as part of Collection Three, 2020. The original version, as you may recall, was made from a heavyweight waxed cotton, giving the military silhouette a sense of rugged, countrified utility. For this latest iteration, we have tracked down a fabric that’s a little more trans-seasonal than the original’s heavy cloth, and a touch more unusual, too.

In place of the typical waxed cotton, we have sourced a lesser-spotted waxed linen. Waxed cotton is usually a pleasingly textured affair, but with this linen variant that is doubly true. Retaining all of the lovely irregularities that typify a standard linen cloth, the added waxed finish creates an unparalleled patina that will only improve with age and wear.


The beauty of the D-43 has always been its versatility. As our Creative Director, Michael Hill puts it, ‘It’s the perfect balance between a waxed country coat, and a military parka. It works equally well in the city or the country. The best of both worlds.’ On top of this, the D-43 can pair with almost anything. Throw it over some chunky knitwear and a pair of jeans, and you have yourself a stylishly understated weekend uniform (even better if you incorporate a pair of our suede Crosby Boots). But if it’s a tweed-jacket-and-tie sort of day, then the D-43 is still your best bet. It adds a rugged, utilitarian edge to more sartorial ensembles.

Simply put, the D-43 is a hard-working bit of outerwear, both in terms of style and manufacture. You could even make a case for it being the only jacket you’ll need all season.


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