2017 Knitwear Shetland

The Shetland Jumper

By Drake's

2022년 7월 13일

The Shetland Jumper

From the country to the city, the Shetland jumper has earned its place as a certified style classic.

The Shetland knit is an item of clothing which, somewhat counter-intuitively, feels at home both in the country and in the city. Its obvious, natural habitat is the country, of course – the rich, shaggy handle of Shetland wool reflects the environment from which these garments originate. But thanks to their adoption by mid-century ivy-leaguers, Shetland jumpers have come to feel equally relevant in the city, acquiring a certain metropolitan elegance.

This is at the heart of our Autumn / Winter 2017 collection: clothes born of a sense of rural utility – waxed jackets, corduroy trousers, tweeds and lambswool scarves – which, in much the same way as military garments, have transcended their original uses and passed into people’s everyday wardrobes, by virtue of their versatility and inherently appealing design. This line between what is considered appropriate for town, and what is appropriate for country has continued to dissolve and blur, with an invariably positive effect on men’s style. While it may not follow traditional rules, a suit worn with a waxed field jacket can look effortlessly stylish, as can a rugged tweed jacket with an oxford shirt and tie.

The Shetland jumper is an undeniable classic, and is another garment to move beyond its country roots and take up residence in the city, thus earning it a well-deserved place in our collection. It was important for us that we get the genuine article, so for this reason we travelled up to Shetland (the breath-taking landscape of which served as the backdrop to our lookbook) to have a run of authentic Shetland knitwear made. The jumpers are knitted from pure Shetland yarn, and then ‘brushed’ using a spinning roller covered in dried teasels to raise the fibres and create that signature fluffy texture. For an extra touch of wholesomeness, we opted for a traditional cable knit.

The jumpers are a true product of Shetland, spun, knitted and dyed all on the same premises. Our choice of colours adds a dash of the unconventional - an array of bright, jovial tones, to leaven the muted palette of winter. Wear yours with everything from waxed cotton and cord to smart flannel and a sport jacket - the Shetland jumper feels right wherever it's worn, whatever it's worn with. 

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