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Rumisu for Drake's: Part Two

By Drake's

2022년 7월 13일

Rumisu for Drake's: Part Two

Introducing the second part of our collaboration with Istanbul-based designers, Rumisu. 

Many of you will no doubt remember the first part of our collaboration with Rumisu, which launched late last year: the Istanbul-based brand reinterpreted a small selection of our most familiar and enduring designs, applying them to cushion covers. Suffice it to say it was an exciting and rewarding process for both brands – not to mention all the customers whose living rooms, bedrooms and offices have been brightened and enlivened by those vibrant cushions. Now, the collaboration returns for a second instalment. This time around, the Rumisu team – sisters Deniz and Pinar Yegin – have lent their considerable skill to a collection of pocket squares, and an oversized scarf.

As before, the Yegin sisters have gravitated towards our animal prints: our tiger, Mughal hunter and bird of paradise prints all feature, rendered in their charmingly idiosyncratic style. ‘We are both city people, we have grown up and live in one of the busiest cities of the world,’ the sisters tell us. ‘Yet – maybe precisely because of that – we are crazy for nature!  Every chance we get, we try to get out of the city, and reconnect with Mother Nature.  That choice is also mirrored in what we choose to draw and represent.  From a pool of subjects to draw, of course we would choose birds, dogs, rabbits, deer, elephants, tigers: all sorts of animals both real and mythical. It is so much fun to draw them.’ Animals are clearly of great importance in the world of Rumisu. Pinar tells us that a certain pair of canine companions are vital to the creative process: ‘Feeling at home and relaxed is crucial for both of us. We love to be surrounded by our favourite books, plants – and of course our beloved dogs, Kiwi and Jambo – in order to feel serene and start creating…’

The collection’s centrepiece is an enormous 134cm2 scarf, adorned with a large-scale interpretation of our evergreen birds of paradise print. The scarf is remarkably versatile and can be worn a number of ways – its size and bold pattern combining to striking effect. ‘Naturally, we enjoy seeing our drawings and illustrations on a larger scale, as it allows for details and colours to stand out. Yet, smaller size items – such as pocket squares – can often be incorporated into an outfit more easily, thus becoming a simple and colourful essential that can become part of a daily ritual. That’s very exciting for us as well.’

It was our hope, too, that these items would become beloved daily essentials – relied upon to inject a note of colour, whimsy and humour into an ensemble when dressing each morning. Each of the four squares will make the perfect accompaniment to a tailored jacket – anything from a crisp linen to a rich tweed; a soft corduroy to a textured wool. An unconventional accent that will no doubt draw attention from those with an eye for quality craft and lovingly rendered design.

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