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The Power of the Polo Coat

By Drake's

2022년 7월 13일

The Power of the Polo Coat

There should be a special word for that feeling you get when you put on a coat that just feels right. The way your posture seems to magically correct itself, like an an Italian wool chiropractor invisibly knotting and kneading. The right piece of outerwear can give an added sense of power and gravitas. In the same way a suit can feel like a suit of armour for the day ahead, the perfect coat can make even the bleakest winter morning, if not exciting, at least an exciting opportunity to wear a beautiful coat. 

A style that we've fielded plenty of questions about since we teased it on friend and acting royalty, Tobias Menzies, and then again during a recent trip to Edinburgh (these things take time), our Polo Coat is the epitome of timeless Drake’s outerwear that is designed to make its wearer remark “Oh!” the moment it settles on the shoulders. With its origins in the name, the Polo Coat was first worn by riders to stay warm in between chukkas, soon being adopted by the Ivy Leaguers in the stands watching and then, as tends to happen with these sorts of things, its influence spreading much further afield than either Cowdray or the leafy campuses of Northeast America. 

For the Drake’s Polo Coat, we headed to Italy, where it's woven in a pure virgin wool that is warm and substantial with a sense of proper winter weight. Details include a classic double-breasted 6x3 button stance, patch and flap pockets, set-in sleeves, swelled seams and a hefty Ulster collar, a notched lapel style that folds easily when the Polo Coat is fully buttoned. Finished with a half belt and horn buttons, the result is a perennial winter Power Coat that just feels right.

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