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Luke Edward Hall for Drake's

By Drake's

2022년 7월 13일

Luke Edward Hall for Drake's

We talk to artist, designer and interior decorator Luke Edward Hall as he introduces his exclusive new range of Drake's pocket squares.

There are few contemporary creatives who manage to harness the concept of fun as effectively as Luke Edward Hall. The prolific, 26-year old artist, designer and interior decorator injects an effervescent quality into every aspect of his output, and at Drake’s we’re very excited to be able to harness that talent for an exclusive range of collaborative pocket squares.

The collection features seven designs in his signature colour palette of bold pinks, greens, oranges and dusty natural tones and draws on Hall’s love of the line drawing of Picasso, Matisse and Cocteau, as well as the antiquarian glamour of the Bloomsbury Group. “I think the interwar period in London is the time in history that inspires me the most. It seems like it would have been a really fun time to be around, and the humour, fun and playfulness associated with that period I find very intriguing and inspiring."

Hall describes the range as a ‘greatest hits’ of his favourite devices and designs. “For Drake’s, what I wanted to do was mix a few of my existing designs with new versions of my favourite motifs - all of my favourite things mixed together. The Greek Key I’d already used on cushions and stationery and also a print called ‘Ludo’, which is a kind of animal print/polka dot/brushstroke hybrid. The martini, dachshund, palm tree and flamingo are some of my favourite graphic motifs.” Of his predilection towards the maximalist, Hall says it’s just something he finds natural. “I see a lot of design and decoration around that’s... not boring, exactly, but very paired back and that just isn't very me. I think a sense of fun, mostly, is what sets me apart.”

The bold, colourful and graphic prints pair beautifully with the cotton, modal and cashmere cloth to create a range of light, striking squares perfect for summer dressing. “I kind of thought that Drake’s wouldn’t be too afraid of using more sort of ‘fun stuff’. I'm glad that Drake’s were not afraid of really embracing my palette of strong colours!"

Hall has worked across multiple mediums before such as ceramics, upholstery and stationary, however his distinct drawing style remains constant throughout. “They’re very simple and graphic and I think hopefully that’s what ties the seven designs together. Also, I have favourite colours that I use time and again in my work.” The Drake’s collaboration was Hall’s first time working on pocket squares, and the construction was just as important as the design process. “It’s been a really great opportunity to utilise English manufacturing. I love the fact that they’re all hand-rolled; they’re so beautifully made. It’s just been such a fun opportunity to work with Drake’s and to bring my drawings to life in a different way.”

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