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Japanese Selvedge Corduroy Five-Pocket Jackets and Trousers

By Drake's

2022년 7월 13일

Japanese Selvedge Corduroy Five-Pocket Jackets and Trousers


Our Five-Pocket Trousers and Five-Pocket Chore Jackets are kindred spirits (hence the names), so this season we cut them from the same (ultra-rare) Japanese selvedge corduroy, to be worn as separates, or as a laid-back matching ensemble.


As their names may suggest, our Five-Pocket Chore Jackets and Five-Pocket Trousers share a little something in common. There’s the obvious similarity, of course, being the number of pockets, but this kinship runs deeper. In the same way that we talked last week about the various members of the Games family all being influenced by the same sensibility, the Five-Pocket family has its own distinctive hallmarks.

Where the Games family is influenced by 20th century tailoring and sportswear of old, the Five-Pocket family takes its cues from vintage workwear. The chore jacket is, of course, a staple of workwear, having its roots in the French labourer uniform, and five-pocket trousers were originally conceived of for workers toiling in the fields. This link between our Five-Pocket Chore Jacket and Five-Pocket Trousers was always implicit, but this season we are making it abundantly clear.

Utilising the same semi-mythical Japanese selvedge corduroy we introduced a couple of years ago (you may remember Simon Crompton’s article on his pair of Five-Pocket Trousers), this season we have made the jackets and trousers as matching sets. Of course, these can just as easily be worn as separates (each colour – navy, olive, tan and rose pink – works terrifically on its own), but when worn together it creates a particular visual effect. There’s a certain laid-back ruggedness to the ensemble as a whole, which will pair beautifully with canvas trainers, suede loafers, or chukka boots; an oxford shirt, a t-shirt, or a roll neck jumper. What you are getting is the visual cohesion of a traditional suit, but with none of the formality.

Add to that the hardiness of the selvedge corduroy (which will wear in nicely), and you have something of a no-nonsense, all-occasions outfit. It’s the sort of thing an influential artist might wear in their studio. Sounds good, no?


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