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Drake's Radio, EP.11: Bijan Shahvali of Intramural Shop

By Drake's

2022년 7월 13일

Drake's Radio, EP.11: Bijan Shahvali of Intramural Shop

"Most days, whether I am out sourcing, or at the shop, I am a pretty uniform dresser: a pair of jeans, a vintage t-shirt and either a chore coat or some variation of shirt-jacket on top. Lately when I am off the clock (whatever that means these days), I have really enjoyed incorporating more traditional elements of menswear into what I’m wearing. Mixing tailoring with my vintage pieces makes me appreciate them in a new, different way and I find myself having more fun styling them.  So here’s a playlist of songs I enjoy playing while getting ready for a night out. Give it a spin while getting ready for your next Holiday party. Have fun getting dressed, but please leave the ironic Christmas sweater at home, even if it's vintage!"

(1) The Hall of Mirrors [2009 Remaster] by KRAFTWERK

(2) Infophysix by DOPPLEREFFEKT

(3) Hot Beach by PATRICK COWLEY

(4) Erotic Delight by WITCH

(5) Try Me On… I’m Very You by DEEE-LITE

(6) My World by G. PERICO

(7) Soft As Snow (But Warm Inside) by MY BLOODY VALENTINE

(8) Drama - Babyfather Meditation Mix VIP by 18+

(9) Give It Up 2 Me by OJERIME

(10) Nightclubbing by GRACE JONES

(11) I’m Gonna Pack [Jeremy Spellacey Edit] by KOSMIK 3, JEREMY SPELLACEY


(13) Sono buono by SKIANTOS

(14) Zealots by FUGEES

(15) Choices by PROJECT PAT

(16) Gettin’ It (feat Parliament Funkadelic) by TOO $HORT

(17) You Got the Stuff by BILL WITHERS

(18) Everybody Knows Me by RUINS

(19) Real Magic by AMADEO

(20) Lovedbyyou by LA VAMPIRES, COLOGNE

(21) The Voice of Q [12” Mix] by Q

(22) How To Play Our Music - Bonus Beat by REESE & SANTONIO

(23) L Foot, Right by DREAMCASTMOE

(24) Steppin Out by BIG GIPP

(25) Already Platinum by SLIM THUG, PHARRELL WILLIAMS

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