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Drake's Radio, EP.13: Walter Schreifels

By Drake's

2022년 7월 13일

Drake's Radio, EP.13: Walter Schreifels

Walter Schreifels has spent a lifetime writing and recording music at the forefront of cultural zeitgeists, earning his stripes with New York City hardcore pioneers Youth Of Today, Warzone and Gorilla Biscuits, before spreading his wings with the highly influential Quicksand and Rival Schools.  

With his latest Quicksand album "Distant Populations" out now on Epitaph,  we asked Walter to curate a special playlist of some of his favourite songs.


(1) Boy About Town - The Jam

(2) Hooligans - Count Lasher, Lyn Taitt

(3) Natch - Cornershop

(4) It might Get Dark - White Denim

(5) Procissao -Gilberto Gil

6.) Shoot You Down - The Stone Roses

(7) New Rose - The Damned

(8) Dooyo - Dur-Dur Band

(9) Girls Don’t Tell Me - The Beach Boys

(10) Plenty For All - Hot Snakes

(11) Alberto Balsam - Dungen

(12) Livin’ Astro - Kool Keith

(13) Allison Road - White Fence

(14) Ali Baba - John Holt

(15) Roadrunner - The Modern Lovers

(16) Automne - Colchiques by Cortex

(17) Part Time Punks - Television Personalities

(18) Bees - Caribou

(19) Cosmosis - Tony Allen, Ben Orki

(20) Right Alternative Gouster Mix - David Bowie

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