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Alden for Drake's

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2022년 7월 13일

Alden for Drake's

As the world continues its slow reopening, now is the time for reuniting with friends. Not ones to be left out of the action, we’ve checked in with some old pals of our own. Drake’s and Alden go back a long time. New England’s premier shoemakers have always been a natural fit for us: they create shoes of the highest quality which manage to remain unfussy and down to earth (quite literally, when you think about it). They’re the perfect companion to worn-in chinos or fatigues, soft-shouldered tweed jackets, and classic oxford button-downs. No surprise, then, that Alden has been more or less a permanent fixture in our shops since they opened.

Alden have created more than a few classic styles in their time. Their silhouettes are refined, enduring, and instantly recognisable. Stay in business for a century and a half and you’re bound to get rather good at what you do. We’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with Alden many times in the past, and we thought our customers might like to see it happen again. So, we got Alden on the blower, and made a few suggestions. 

When collaborating with a brand as iconic and esteemed as Alden, you don’t want to over-egg the pudding, as it were. Their shoes are classic for a reason, and don’t need anyone meddling with them. But we wanted to add our own spin, all the same. So, we picked three of our favourite styles – the penny loafer, the plain-toe blucher, and the chukka boot – and had them made up in the company’s famous tobacco suede. You might be thinking, “I’ve seen that done before,” but wait for it. Here comes the twist. Flip the shoe over and you won’t find Alden’s usual leather sole unit. Instead, we’ve chosen chunky double crepe rubber soles. Not only do these provide added support and comfort, but they also give each style a subtly different feel. A little more rugged, a little more casual.

We could go on, but you’re better off just having a look for yourself. We think you’ll agree, they’re rather nice.

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