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The Travel Jacket

By Matthew Hranek

Jul 13, 2022

The Travel Jacket

Consummate globetrotter Matthew Hranek argues that style and comfort are in no way mutually exclusive when it comes to dressing for the airport. With our new specially designed travel jacket, there's no excuse. 

I always try to dress for the plane — certainly not in a suit — but I try to look smart. Generally, I am appalled at the state of how people dress at the airport — and to think, there was a time when a jacket and tie was the norm for air travel. Sweats, track suits, flip-flops, shorts - Crocs! These are all big no-gos in my book. I never understood this travel philosophy that comfortable has to be so unpresentable. I feel that dressing a little better for a flight presents yourself as a more confident traveller. My personal travel uniform consists of something like this: khakis, loafers, some kind of sweater, scarf, and an overshirt or jacket that serves a multitude of purposes.

I normally wear Drake’s safari-style overshirts, and I own them in cotton and linen. The fit is great, the style is uncomplicated, and the button flap-pockets are key (I put my wallet, boarding pass, phone and lip balm in the pockets before I go through security, knowing they will be safe there). The overshirt also looks sharp with a tie, so when I’m traveling to warm climates, I don’t need bring along another jacket. Now, Drake’s has upped the travel clothing game once again with their new travel jacket.  A true blazer that is soft, unconstructed, unlined, and made in Italy.

The fabric is a durable open-weave navy wool, that is resilient to wrinkles, a rain shower, or a spilled G&T. I love the internal pockets that button to hold passports, boarding passes, sunglasses and the lot (perfect for the security scenario). The reality is you want to keep organized when navigating the airport, and interior button pockets are just the thing to keep your valuables in place while looking good. Best of all this handsome blazer allows for no time wasted with a wardrobe change, as you jet from the plane to your dinner booking or favourite watering hole already well styled. Smart it is.  

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