The Summer Tailoring Lookbook

By Drake's

May 22, 2024

The Summer Tailoring Lookbook


Our latest lookbook is a study of tailoring designed for the summer months. Worn by our friend Tomo, we’ve looked to Tokyo for a little bit of inspiration, a city where the traditions of classic suiting are closely honoured, but are also broken up, refracted and referenced, ultimately becoming something new and interesting—relevant to each wearer. Tokyo takes its tailoring seriously… but there’s room for experimentation in there, too.

Featuring a collection of Savile Row and Canal St exclusives, highlights include sartorial-leaning single and double-breasted suits in luxurious combinations of linen and silk with a herringbone weave; blazers and pleated trousers in ‘nailhead’ merino wool (a subtle pattern using two separate colours of thread that, when viewed closely, appears a bit like the head of a nail), and light and breezy blazers in cotton and linen with Prince of Wales and strong overcheck patterns, along with Perennial shirting made in our Somerset workshop, and a range of pure silk ties, crafted in London using vibrant archival patterns. 


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