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The Drake's Revue: Christopher Fenimore

By Drake's

Feb 8, 2024

The Drake's Revue: Christopher Fenimore

1.) Where’s your favourite local place to eat right now?

I have a few—1943 Pizza Bar (picture included of a special pie) is an excellent brick-oven pizzeria that always has really fantastic specials. They’re also connected to a bar called Brix and Rye that is my favorite place to go for a cocktail, and you can order the pizza there as well once you’ve had one too many. Bruce and Son makes my favorite food on the North Fork—healthy, inventive and filling. Barrow Food House is perfect for clean, updated takes on comfort foods, and they also make excellent cocktails.

2.) What’s an object that means a lot to you? 

(If it can be a watch) I wanted an Omega Seamaster Deville for over a decade and finally purchased one as a Christmas bonus for myself at the end of 2022 after a strong year. It has the original band and goes well with my entire closet. It’s perfect.

(For more sentimentality) My wife had our handwritten vows to each other framed for our first Christmas together as a married couple. They’re beautiful. They’re hanging on the wall in our living room. 

3.) What makes the North Fork a special place to live?

It’s extremely rural, which is still a touch jarring to me as someone who was born and raised in New York City, but the air is so clean. All of my favorite farmstands are a mile away. Sometimes I ride my bike to get a big tote full of fresh organic produce. My in-laws have a private beach on their property just five minutes away, and I’ve been on more boats in the past five years than the sum total of my other 28 years. It’s really easy to get beautiful seafood, meats, and poultry. There are also a host of incredible vineyards to choose from for an afternoon glass on the weekend. I can also play basketball two to three times a week indoors for $120 a year versus the $15 to $20 it costs per run in New York City.

4.) How would you describe your style? Does it change when you head out to shoot?

I’m not sure how to describe it! #Menswear goes Brooklyn? I’m leaning more traditional in my tastes, much like I did in my early 20’s. I’m done experimenting with weirder elements and trendier brands. I’m also a new dad, so I’m not looking to be so precious with my clothes. Typically shooting doesn’t change what I’m wearing, though I might wear a layer less, or something looser in fit to accommodate for all the sudden movements and walking.

5.) What’s your drink of choice?

A classic Pilsner.

6.) What do you miss about living in New York City? 

The people, the energy, the style, and the variety of anything and everything. If you’re bored, you can just take a walk aimlessly and have no idea what you’re about to get yourself into. I miss the spontaneity of it all. I love to see movies at the Angelika Theater, grab wine from Discovery Wines, and window-shop at some favorite stores like C’H’C’M, Drake’s, and 180 the Store. I’ll grab coffee at Café Integral or Abraço. My list of restaurants is a bit too long to list, but I try to have lunch somewhere fun if I have the time between shoots. Otherwise it’s Cava or Naya for some of the best fast casual lunch in the city. 

7.) What’s the secret to a happy life?

Living in the present. You’ll always want more, or you can always be worried about what’s next, but all you really have is the present moment. I’ve learned that through Sam Harris’ meditation app, Waking Up, and through my wife and her relentless optimism. Also, a really exceptional friend group helps, and fitness in some form. I also take our meals really seriously at home, and it’s been a joy to cook healthy, nourishing food for my family.

8.) Who’s the most stylish photographer of all time? 

Probably my friend, Tommy Ton, who has the unique ability to wear trendier garments and make them look timeless. He’s photographed some of the best street style on the planet and is a true fashion fan, the latter somehow in an endearing and studious way. He blends elements of what he’s seen and loved for many years with his own flavorful personal style.

9.) What’s your favourite piece of classic design?

It’s a tie between a Mies van der Rohe Barcelona Daybed and an Aston Martin DB4.

10.) Which piece of art has had the greatest impact on you?

In general, I’d say film influences me and how I see the world, both personally and as a photographer, very deeply. But to pinpoint a specific piece of art that’s always struck a chord with me, it’s Picasso’s Guernica.

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