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Our Shirtmakers

By Drake's

Jul 13, 2022

Our Shirtmakers

It’s easy to take for granted the quality of our shirts, but of course an enormous amount of work goes into crafting each one. This work is undertaken by a remarkably accomplished team of shirtmakers, who are based at our Somerset factory.

One wall of the factory’s production room is occupied by floor-to-ceiling shelves, housing countless rolls of beautiful shirting fabrics, and next to this is the cutting table, where the fabrics are cut to pattern. The factory floor is arranged so that by the time these pieces of fabric have made their way from one side of the room to the other (passing through the skilled hands of each of our makers, as they go), they have cohered, coalesced, into a shirt to be worn and cherished.

To celebrate this enduring commitment to craft and craftspeople, we sent renowned photographer John Spinks down to Somerset, to photograph members of the shirtmaking team. Alongside these intimate portraits, we asked them each to share a few thoughts pertaining to their work, and to the landscape around them. The result is a glimpse into the lives of our exceptional shirtmakers, and a celebration of the precious ways of working that we are proud to have a hand in preserving.

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