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Aaron Levine Takes the Coverall Jacket to the Great Outdoors

By Drake's

Jul 13, 2022

Aaron Levine Takes the Coverall Jacket to the Great Outdoors

As British as roast dinners, rain and traffic on the M1 (Junction 5… what a nightmare), the waxed jacket has gone from the pheasant covers of Cowdray to the world. An item of clothing that is synonymous with function and protection from the elements – designed to be worn out and worn in. Made in Italy from English waxed cotton, our Coverall Jacket, in either Emerald Green or Blackwatch, features a mid-wale corduroy tab collar, gusseted pockets with reinforced bases, two large internal pockets and is finished with brass hardware. With a boxy shape and a washed cotton check quilted lining, it has the immediate feel and fit of a well-loved favourite. 

Taking the Coverall Jacket to the (sort of) Great Outdoors, a "local, secret spot with great walls, nice light and in close proximity to an Italian restaurant with an awesome negroni, spritz, spag bol and cannoli," we spoke to Aaron Levine, friend of Drake’s and the New York menswear insider’s favourite New York menswear insider, about his influences, what he's looking for in a piece of outerwear and how to live a fulfilling life.

How did you first become interested in clothes?

I've been passionate about clothes ever since I was a little kid, I can’t help it. I used to lay outfits out on my floor. I started combining army navy, vintage, skate and surf and prep by the time I was in middle school and it really clicked with me.

I also remember watching certain shows or movies and thinking… wow, I really like that style without knowing its origins or why. Just knowing that I was emotional about it.

How has your style changed over the last few years? Any regrettable eras?

It’s kind of been an evolution on a theme for a long time. There were times my style was off the rails. The short blonde hair with huge black monobrow and acne was an unfortunate time.

What are you looking for in a great piece of outerwear?

I like beautifully made things that are purpose-built for my personal style. Form follows function. A beautiful functional fabric. A warm lining. Something that keeps me dry and works as a tool.

What do you like about the Coverall Jacket?

Well, it does the above: Functional, understated and useful.

Who influences your style? Do you have any personal style icons?

Most of my style icons are my friends and acquaintances. I love them for who they are and their unique styles that reflect their personalities.

What is a non-clothing object that you would love to own?

A simple, beautiful well made cabin in the woods. On a lake sitting on about a dozen acres. Does that count?

What's the secret to a happy life?

I think that a happy life is a lot of pressure. I have happy moments. Happy times. I find myself being happiest when I’m surrounded by family and friends, when there's nothing complicated going on. Enjoying a meal, playing a board game while listening to music; experiencing more of those in-between moments. The more of these things I get to enjoy on a regular basis, the happier I am.

That doesnt mean that life doesn't get extremely diifucult and pose unique challenges on the daily. At times it can be a poop sandwich. But keeping things as simple as possible keeps me more content.

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