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Drake's Jersey: T-Shirts

By Drake's

Jul 13, 2022

Drake's Jersey: T-Shirts


Our popular Hiking T-Shirt – modelled on vintage examples from midcentury America – returns in a swathe of new colours, perfect for the season ahead.


The t-shirt is perhaps the simplest of all garments. So why is it so hard to find a good one? It's the question that has plagued mankind since the dawn of time. Perhaps the fit isn't quite right, or the neckline doesn't come up high enough. Maybe the sleeves are the wrong length, or the fabric is too flimsy. For such a simplistic garment, there is a surprising amount of things that can go wrong.

With our Hiking T-Shirt, we set out to remedy these issues, once and for all. It's essentially our idea of what a perfect t-shirt should be. We based it on those classic densely knitted t-shirts that were popular in 1950s America. The fit is relaxed, but not voluminous (very important when it comes to t-shirts). The length is perfect for tucking into your best pair of strides. The fabric has a satisfying heft to it. Best of all, it's available in loads of colours. Where before we only offered navy and white, we now present to you a veritable rainbow of options, from pink, to coral, to forest green, to sunshine yellow, and slate blue. Take your pick. With spring just around the corner, each one will work beautifully underneath a nicely worn-in cotton jacket, or paired with shorts and loafers beyond that. 

The humble t-shirt can often be overlooked, so do yourself a favour and opt for one of ours. They're not just good, they're really good. 


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