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Layering with Drake's

By Drake's

Nov 11, 2022

Layering with Drake's


There are some good things about this time of year. A corner table in your local, walking around the city in the dim light of late afternoon feeling like you’re the complicated protagonist in an under appreciated New Wave classic; having a reason to eat a pie everyday, and, of course, dressing for the weather.

One of the greatest pleasures in getting dressed is the opportunity to layer. Adding, subtracting, mixing and matching. An art and a science. Texture, fabric and good taste. Some Scottish cashmere here, some thick-wale Yorkshire cotton corduroy there. Maybe even a touch of Tuscan Casentino wool fleece if the weather calls for it. 

On an appropriately gloomy London afternoon, we asked some of the Drake’s team to offer up their interpretation of layering against the elements. Standouts include the latest batch of down-filled Rocky Mountain Featherbed puffer jackets and vests, mohair wool mock neck jumpers, flannel tailoring and angora-lambswool beanie hats. A natural edit of some of our favourite autumn and winter pieces and how we like to wear them.

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