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The Revue, September 2021

By Lena Dystant

Jul 13, 2022

The Revue, September 2021

September has arrived, and while summer is now past tense the weather seems undecided; you're just as likely to be reading this during a torrential downpour as a record-breaking late heatwave. Whether it’s the thermostat or the fan at full volume, we have a collection of must-visits, must-reads and must-sees to keep you occupied, from a fresh look at a Bauhaus master, to one of London’s best new food ventures south of the river. Head in.

visit: Sophie Taeuber-Arp – Tate Modern

An under-appreciated member of the 20th century abstract art movement, multidisciplinary designer Sophie Taeuber-Arp becomes the subject of a not to be missed Tate Modern retrospective, the first to be held in the UK. “Taeuber-Arp always stood apart from other modernist artists. Combining a successful crafts practice with boldly experimental painting, her work challenges the historically constructed boundaries separating art, craft and design.” This incredible show goes to great lengths to spotlight the versatility of this free-spirited maker, from dada marionettes and intricate embroideries, to full-scale architectural projects.

 Bankside, London SE1 9TG

read: “’Fuzei’, a Very Japanese Feeling” – Pen Magazine

Artist Ryota Kajita seeks to define the feeling of ‘Fuzei,’ a Japanese word that describes “something that quietly resonates in our mind, usually something natural or elegant.” A series of photographs capture everyday urban scenes where the human-made comes up against the natural world; weeds winding around street cables, plants disguising plastic pipes, grass peeking through pavement cracks…as Kajita describes - nature “taking a gentle form of revenge.”

watch: The New Bauhaus: The Life & Legacy of László Moholy-Nagy

Alysa Nahmias’ stylish documentary tells the story of legendary Hungarian artist Moholy-Nagy as he seeks to introduce the Bauhaus education system to the USA. Fleeing Nazi rule, Moholy-Nagy eventually heads for Chicago where he founds a pioneering new art-and-design school in the tradition of the original Bauhaus, an institution where he’d previously spent five years teaching. The highs and lows of his time in America are thoughtfully covered in this new film - an “accessible and intimate, emotional journey through Moholy’s life and his work as an artist, designer, visionary, and teacher.”

read: French Cuisine’s Changing Grammar - Whetstone Magazine

Whetstone Magazine investigates the changing face of French gastronomy. An eating tradition that finds itself on UNESCO’s list of intangible cultural heritage, this highly formalised ritual covers food, service and overall atmosphere, “a festive repast enjoyed around a beautiful table and boasting a fixed structure: aperitif, starter, main, cheese, dessert, and digestif.” Writer Emily Monaco discusses the ways in which this old school ceremony has both evolved and been preserved, a change ushered in by the demands of modern life and the increasing influence of global cuisines. 

eat: Chishuru, Brixton

“West African food with a foundation of age old recipes and techniques” Nigerian-born chef Adejoké ‘Joké’ Bakare shifts from celebrated supper club to full-scale restaurant service with Chishuru, located in Brixton’s Market Row. This much-hyped venture deserves all the chatter that surrounds it, on the day we visited, the menu (which changes regularly) was a hit from start to finish, familiar West African dishes turned on their head, each packed full of complex flavour.

Unit 9 Market Row, Coldharbour Ln, London SW9 8LB

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