The Paraboot Avoriaz Boot

By Drake's

Jul 13, 2022

The Paraboot Avoriaz Boot

The truly all-purpose casual boot.

Founded by Rémy-Alexis Richard in 1908, Paraboot’s French Alpine heritage still informs their shoes to this day. After being inspired by the military boots he had seen on a trip to America, Richard set out to craft footwear that would stand up to heavy wear, whether walking downtown or climbing mountains. To achieve this, he designed and developed hardy leather footwear that eschewed the wooden soles of the day for durable rubber soles that were still traditionally welted to the upper. Today, over 100 years after their foundation, Paraboot is recognised as one of the world’s finest makers of footwear, and their ultra-hard wearing boots are the gold standard for traditionally made footwear that’s stylish, practical and will last a lifetime.

The ‘Avoriaz’, named after the French Alpine ski resort, is Paraboot’s signature hiking boot. The sole is produced exclusively by Paraboot, using a rubber compound that offers increased flexibility and durability. It features a watertight Norwegian welt,The ‘Avoriaz’ features hook lacing up the front of the boot with roped hiking laces, and a cross-over tongue for extra comfort and protection from the elements. There’s a small amount of cushioning in the ankle, and the upper has been specially waxed for weather protection.

By combining the best design elements of a hiking boot with the smart construction of a city shoe, the ‘Avoriaz’ manages to be both perfect for the outdoors and a perfect companion for denim, chinos and chunky winter knitwear.

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