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The Games Blazer Mk. IV

By Drake's

Jul 13, 2022

The Games Blazer Mk. IV


Our ever-expanding Games family welcomes a new addition this week: the Games Blazer Mk. IV. As with all members of this family of garments, the Mk. IV is defined by a specific sensibility: one that, in an earlier time, may have been referred to as ‘sportswear.’ Today, we associate that word with performance gear and synthetic fabrics, but in the first half of the 20th century, sportswear was a wholly different affair. You had ‘sport shirts’ (what we would now call a button-down oxford shirt), and sport coats (tailored odd jackets, often tweed). By the standards of the times, these pieces were seen as informal, practical and hardwearing, yet they undeniably possess a certain elegance.

That’s what we’ve aimed for with our Games series. There’s a sporty, active, light-hearted aspect (hence the name), but they’re rooted in classic tailoring. The Mk. IV is no different. Essentially, it is a variation on the theme of the original Games Blazer, the Mk. I. It’s a simple, single-breasted jacket with no lining or structure. Where the Mk. IV differs from the Mk. I is, firstly, in its pockets. The Mk. IV (in line with its name) has not one, not two, but four patch-flap pockets on its front, lending it that sense of hardiness which suffuses the collection as a whole.

You may have noticed that we’ve broadened the lapels out slightly, to make it a touch more redolent of the 1970s. The choice of a louche, laid-back selvedge denim is also a nod to the past, and will look a treat paired with some worn-in chinos.

The real trick up the Mk. IV’s sleeves is its clever interchangeable button system. It comes with two sets of buttons, one being the standard brown polished buttons that you will see in these pictures. Lovely, no doubt, but if you’re after something a little more eye-catching, then you can swap them out for the other set, no sewing required. With each jacket we’ve included a set of solid brass buttons made in the UK by Firmin, a historic button manufacturer. Each button is emblazoned with the Drake’s crest, and choosing these for the jacket will make it into a blazer in the truest sense.

So, the Mk. IV gives you the freedom to choose. Do you wish to be understated, or draw just the right amount of attention to yourself? It’s all up to you.


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