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The Easy Suit

By Drake's

Jul 13, 2022

The Easy Suit

Style and comfort need never be mutually exclusive. As the temperature climbs, a casual suit in a playful fabric will prove to be your greatest ally.

A good summer suit is, often by necessity, a touch more casual than its winter-weight counterpart. Where a flannel or a worsted wool may confer a sense of occasion and formality, a gently rumpled linen, by contrast, speaks of insouciance and relaxation. As the temperature climbs, so does the importance of comfort. The necessity of comfort, however, is not an excuse to abandon dress codes altogether – just because the weather is warm, that doesn’t mean that one need not make any effort. In fact, rather than being the enemy of refined dressing, as it often appears, warm weather can facilitate a kind of dressing that has its own charms – a little more louche and nonchalant, certainly, but no less stylish.

For our Spring / Summer Easyday collection, we have made suits in a crisp tobacco linen, and a breezy panama-weave cotton in a pleasing shade of sage green. Both fabrics offer this relaxed, idiosyncratic character that helps to offset the fundamentally formal nature of tailoring, making them perfect for this type of airy summer style. Wear the tobacco linen with an oxford shirt and a classic repp stripe tie, or a navy polo for a dressed-down look. The panama cotton is equally versatile, lending itself elegantly to a formal context, but creating a pleasingly easy-going effect when worn with an open-collared madras shirt.

So there you have it: style and comfort need never be mutually exclusive, even in the dog days of summer. Rely on a casual, easy suit to keep the heat at bay and your appearance effortlessly cultivated.


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