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Paraboot for Drake's

By Drake's

Jul 13, 2022

Paraboot for Drake's

Introducing an exclusive collaboration between Drake's and Paraboot.

Despite hailing from opposite sides of the English Channel, Drake’s and Paraboot – the 110-year-old French shoemakers – have a thing or two in common. Just like ours, Paraboot is a company rooted in a dedication to traditional craft, quality products, and timeless style. But more than that, Paraboot is a company with an appreciation for the rugged, the off-kilter and the unconventional. Their signature silhouettes are often characterised by just the slightest hint of the unusual, with details that have their origins in practical workwear, such as chunky Norwegian welts, substantial bellows tongues, and distinctive raised aprons, all of which were conceived to grant the shoes greater durability and weatherproof properties. While such details have retained their utility, they have also accrued a certain quirky charm over time, when viewed alongside many of the more conventional and conservative shoes produced today.

It could be said that our approach to style is similarly unconventional. It’s no secret that we lean towards more classic garments, but we like fabrics with a touch of texture and character, such as a rumpled linen or a spongy tweed. In the case of our latest collection, it’s a patchwork madras sport coat, worn with a pair of washed out jeans, or a towelling polo paired with a seersucker suit.

While they remain a necessity in every man’s wardrobe, an elegant pair of dress shoes would not make the best accompaniment for these sorts of ensembles, being too formal. Instead, this calls for a pair of shoes which nod towards getting dressed up, but that are still casual and versatile enough to be worn with almost anything. And this, of course, is where Paraboot comes in.

For several seasons now, we have carried a handful of Paraboot’s most recognisable styles. However, it was our ambition to produce a shoe that was unique to us, that would make a perfect pairing for almost everything in our wardrobes. We decided to opt for a slip-on, as it’s casual and fun but can still be worn with tailoring. The obvious choice to work from was the company’s iconic Adonis penny loafer, with its robust styling and split toe construction. From there, we selected a sturdy grain leather in a fetching shade of reddy-brown, almost akin to terracotta. The result is a shoe which is a charismatic complement to tweeds and linens, denim and chinos - a true all-round item of footwear.

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