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Lawrence Schlossman's Favourite Local Haunts

By Lawrence Schlossman

Jul 13, 2022

Lawrence Schlossman's Favourite Local Haunts


Co-host of the Throwing Fits podcast, Lawrence Schlossman, tours us around his favourite spots in his New York neighbourhood.


Greenberg's Bagels

Death row, gun to head, I think my final meal might actually be a bagel. This comes in handy when I find myself so hungover at Greenberg’s Bagels that I feel like I’m going to die. Shout out to the homie Julian and co. for finally making a bagel good enough for the neighborhood. The people deserve the best. As an intellectual, I personally enjoy the underrated sausage, egg and cheese on an everything bagel with ketchup. You can even allegedly add a hash brown to the inside of your breakfast sandwich. I would never admit on the record to doing something so dastardly, but I’m sure you can use your imagination.

Radicle Wine

I don't know much about natural wine, but I do know that I enjoy drinking it, especially during a global pandemic where drugs and alcohol have become my preferred substitute to, say, I don't know, going to therapy. When it comes time to dive a little bit deeper than just grabbing another bottle of orange—which, who woulda thunk it, turns out is just white wine!—I know Radicle will sort me out with something delicious to crush alone or with company. Once I cross the threshold, I beeline to the chillable reds like a goddamn vampire. I might even grab some vinyl while I'm at it for my ideal pairing: booze and chunes.

Clementine Bakery

After a particularly eventful Saturday or Sunday of running errands with my wife, I can get a tad, well, bitchy. Just ask her. The cure for throwing a 3pm hangry fit like a teenage girl? An order from my local vegan bakery, Clementine, to match. There isn't a problem too small that an oat milk matcha latte and glazed donut can't solve. Since COVID they've also started selling sustainable produce in case you need a banana or avocado in a pinch and want to be able to sleep at night. It never hurts to inquire about the soup(s) of the day. Grab a cup and a kale cesar to go and don't even think twice about whether or not your new cord suit will fit the same.

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