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John Spinks' Somerset Portraits

By Drake's

Jul 13, 2022

John Spinks' Somerset Portraits

Renowned portrait photographer John Spinks travelled to our shirt factory in Chard, Somerset, to shoot dramatic black and white portraits of our expert shirtmakers hard at work.

Our factory is one of the few still producing shirts in the UK, and we endeavour to make our shirts in what we consider to be the 'proper' way: single-needle stitching, mother of pearl buttons, floating lining in the collars and cuffs, and the finest fabrics available. We would have no chance of achieving this level of quality without our dedicated staff, some of whom have worked in shirtmaking for decades.

John Spinks' rich, empathetic portraits, rendered in stark black and white, depict the people behind the processes, stoically absorbed in their work. A celebration of the unique human skill required to create quality garments, the photo series allows an intimate glimpse into our world.

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