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Japanese Towelling Beach Chore

By Drake's

Jul 13, 2022

Japanese Towelling Beach Chore


We welcome a laid back, beachy reinvention of our chore jacket, cut from an extraordinary indigo-dyed towelling cloth from Japan, that will fade, age, and patinate beautifully.


Our chore jacket has been busy lately, what with learning to paint, and then learning to sail. We can all agree it deserves a holiday. So, we sent it to the beach (or at least, for the purposes of this article we’ll say we did. What you will see in the pictures below is clearly not the beach, but a drizzly English garden). And a trip to the beach requires proper preparations. In this case, that meant transforming our chore jacket into a lounge-y and laidback casual layer, perfect for shrugging on and off between swims.

It quickly became clear that the only fabric up to the job was a very special indigo-dyed terry towelling from Japan. It has a white base but dyed loops to give it a deep, slightly irregular colour. And this is a fabric that’s set up to age beautifully. The dye will slowly fade and wear over time, a bit like your favourite pair of jeans. Also, the loops of the fabric are deliberately woven long and loose, so the jacket will catch and snag a little bit, accruing more texture and personality over time.


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