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Japanese Silk Polo Shirts

By Drake's

Jul 13, 2022

Japanese Silk Polo Shirts


A soft-collared polo in a flecked Japanese silk - need we say more? Well, we're going to...


Silk is synonymous with luxury, but its connotations are many. Whereas a silk scarf is redolent of refinement and elegance, a silk shirt may put us in mind of the sleazy lapse of taste that affected certain corners of 1970s fashion (think loud prints and garish colours). A silk polo, however: now we’re talking. Silk is beautiful when it’s knitted, and few pieces of knitwear are as versatile and quietly cool as a soft-collared polo shirt.

We decided to include a silk polo in our latest collection and – not ones to be outdone – we sourced a rather special silk for the job. Japanese fabrics are sometimes fetishised, and just because a cloth is Japanese, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s of high quality. However, in this case, that’s exactly what it means. In our travels we came across an exceptional pure silk yarn, which has a pronounced Donegal-style fleck to it. What a Donegal fleck is doing on a Japanese yarn I could not tell you, but when the results are this sensational, any such questions will quickly disappear from your mind.

From a distance the fabric is clearly crisp and textured, with a very slight lustre, but the closer you get, the more that’s revealed. The depth of the fabric is such that you can quite easily get lost in it, yet it’s a piece that’s far from ostentatious. It whispers, rather than shouts, and will be sure to draw compliments only from the most discerning of strangers.

Wear it with a suit, wear it with jeans, you really can’t go wrong with an item such as this.


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