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Introducing the Games Blazer Mk. III

By Drake's

Jul 13, 2022

Introducing the Games Blazer Mk. III


The Games Blazer’s rugged sensibility meets the timeless, elegant appeal of a DB jacket.


The third entry in our Games Blazer trilogy arrives, marking a departure from the previous two iterations with a double-breasted silhouette. It might seem a little counterintuitive to marry the formality of a classic DB blazer with the more utilitarian stylings of a workwear jacket, but the resulting garment is something made distinct by its versatility; it has the hard-wearing durability of a chore coat, but nods playfully to the idea of formal dress. 

In many ways, it feels like the perfect jacket for the moment. With dress codes becoming increasingly more casual, men are presented with fewer and fewer opportunities to enjoy the more formal end of the clothing spectrum, a zone where the double-breasted blazer typically resides. The DB can feel a little intimidating at the best of times, and when you add to that the anxiety that you might very well end up being the most dressed-up person in the room, it’s no wonder many men shy away from experimenting with the style.

However, the Games Blazer Mk. III doesn’t have those issues. It’s a relaxed and – perhaps more importantly – useful garment, with a wealth of pockets and an easy-wearing appeal. You can wear it to a restaurant, or a bar, or even the pub, and no one is likely to bat an eyelid, whereas popping into your local in a fully-canvassed wool DB might draw some attention (however, if that is your thing then you have our full support). 

To add a further element of relaxed style to the mix, we have made the Mk. III in a trio of Irish linens, which have been garment-dyed, and then washed for that worn-in charm. As our Creative Director, Michael Hill, put it: ‘When you take a DB and remove the structure completely, you get this wonderful juxtaposition of high and low. It retains that timeless appeal, but becomes something a little more slouchy, a little more easy to approach.’

So, whether you’re a seasoned pro, or you’re just dipping your toe in the wonderful world of double-breasted jackets, consider the Games Blazer Mk. III as a modern – but very much classic – entry in the jacket’s illustrious history. 


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