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Gifts for Her

By Faye Fearon

Jul 13, 2022

Gifts for Her


Our elegant accessories and clothing make perfect gifts for the discerning woman in your life, too. Paris-based writer Faye Fearon selects the pieces she would like to find under the tree this Christmas.


As a menswear journalist, my friends often ask me for recommendations on what to gift their boyfriends. My answer is always the same: a scarf from Drake’s. Firstly, because accessories are a failsafe. Secondly, because those from Drake’s are the finest – and most stylish, in my opinion – that he’ll wear. Thirdly, because I’m secretly hinting at a gift for myself. Yes, Drake’s is technically designed for men, but as a female whose main aim with clothing is to communicate a sense of elegance, a well-crafted menswear ensemble is the perfect point of call. Which is why I also suggest Drake’s as a source of gifts for women this Christmas.


Perceptions of style, conscious or not, are to a large extent informed by culture. Music, film, art, literature – all of these worlds are filled with brilliant cues on how to dress, and that’s mostly down to the fact that the people in their societies don’t prioritise clothing. Their style, instead, is the uniform which assists their daily work, and that therefore makes it an extremely authentic source of influence for dressing. I learned this from my parents, both of whom have always filtered the philosophies of their favourite artistic figures into their wardrobes. Growing up, I would often look through photo albums from their travels in the eighties, and it was here that I picked up on one shared style thread: tailoring.


Bar the odd waist cinching belt and breton bodysuit, my mum’s style consistently mirrored that of my dad’s. Single breasted blazers, button down shirts, high waisted twill trousers and leather shoes formed the formal side. White t-shirts, black roll necks, straight cut denim jeans and suede jackets shaped the casual side. She wore an abundance of essentials, and this approach to style informed me that clothing doesn’t have to prioritise one gender. It just has to communicate quality. Of course, a man’s garment won’t look identical on a woman because her silhouette is naturally different. It appears more oversized and relaxed, but that’s kind of the beauty of it. Far from ill-fitting, wearing menswear is one of the smartest style moves a woman can make because it’s timeless, sophisticated and leaves much to the imagination. 

This is where Drake’s comes in. In the same way that I would advise for a male gift, the first avenue to go down is accessories. Start with a scarf, as it ties an entire outfit together. With the festive season in mind, I’d go for a tartan check design which she can loop in an overhand knot (a style knack I’ve adopted from elegant French friends). While we’re still in this department, my next suggestion is a knitted tie. Yes, a tie. If she’s really into menswear, that is. To those in need of convincing, google the accessory next to names like Anne-Scott James, Jane Birkin and Louise Despointes. They all won the case for it.


Now, the key to gifting women men’s clothing starts (and ends) with staples. The vast majority of Drake’s items slot into this category, so it’s near impossible to go wrong, but I’ll paint an outfit picture for you from the current collection. For the upper half, a white oxford shirt, brushed shetland jumper or shawl collar cardigan (or all! She can layer them up if the temperatures drop). For the lower half, white jeans (they’re not just for summer). Drake’s currently have a stunning selvedge pair which have the potential to emit serious Nina Rindt vibes if styled with said upper layers. As for the final touch? If she prefers casual items, a heavyweight suede or denim jacket is bound to do the trick. Boxy silhouette equals big business. But if, like me, she’s obsessed with tailoring, a chalkstripe blazer will send her swooning. As will a glen check overcoat, for that matter, and – disclaimer – you can probably steal it from time to time. Sharing is caring, as they say.


So while this year’s Christmas plans may be a bit unpredictable, if one of the below gifts sits in her stocking, I’m confident that she’ll enter 2021 very optimistically (which, let’s be honest, is the resolution we all need).


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