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Drake’s with Zach Zono: The Lookbook

By Drake's

Feb 8, 2023

Drake’s with Zach Zono: The Lookbook

"I want to dress for the part, as an artist, although I’m an extremely messy painter!" says Zach Zono, being careful not spill a dab of oil pastel pink oil paint on the sleeve of a corduroy Games suit. "It ends up everywhere in the end!" 

"You want to be a character playing a part within the painting," he adds. "It helps me bring a different element to the work."

Wearing our latest range of new season and Perennial Games tailoring, colourful new cotton rugby shirts, silk ties and multi-striped socks, we recently had the pleasure of visiting Zach in his East London studio. 

See the full look book below and click here to read our interview with Zach.



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