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Drake's Radio, Ep. 3 by Cedric Bardawil of Fourth Sounds

By Drake's

Jul 13, 2022

Drake's Radio, Ep. 3 by Cedric Bardawil of Fourth Sounds


This month we present a playlist curated by Cedric Bardawil of Fourth Sounds – a soundtrack for an imagined journey, spanning cosmic jazz, spiritual grooves, and some well-placed sonic oddities


"This playlist is based on an idea I had for an imaginary soundtrack, with the ebbs and flows of a film or a journey: moving between spiritual jazz, acoustic and Fourth World, before returning to a few songs to dance or sing along to. I find that good soundtracks tend to disregard genre — they are more focused on conjuring up a mood, which is what I’ve tried to do here. Breaking things up with oddities such as Gary Wilson’s Groovy Girls Make Love At The Beach. The production spans from the early 1970s to now, with a focus on 'Fourth World': a term coined by Jon Hassell to describe a style of music using modern technology but influenced by various cultures and eras, to take the listener somewhere indeterminate. There are of course favourite artists, bands and recent discoveries included. I hope you enjoy listening.”

- Cedric Bardawil

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