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Drake’s Radio, EP. 21: They Hate Change

By Drake's

Aug 27, 2023

Drake’s Radio, EP. 21: They Hate Change

André: We’re usually playing our own songs in other people’s houses and backyards, so we thought it would be fitting to share what we play inside of our own homes. 

Vonne: The stuff you actually play inside is probably the most meaningful, right? It’s like a soundtrack to the most important parts of the day; the events before the event.

André: Sometimes I wonder if we all truthfully tell people “What We’re Listening To”. Everyone seems to do a lot of digging/scrolling to provide an answer to such an easy question! I usually find myself only sharing songs I’ve found in recent months instead of the albums I’m still listening to from a few years ago.

That said, these tracks here are kinda like my Theme Music; Whether cooking, cleaning, or going out for the evening this selection is always the background music. Yes, I want to hear cheesy chord progressions mixed with A Tribe Called Quest and Sophisti-Pop—hell, why not! The same feeling of “self” that I get after I’m finished getting dressed is the feeling I get whenever I’m playing these songs. 

1) God Lives Through by A TRIBE CALLED QUEST

2) The Basement by PETE ROCK & C.L. SMOOTH

3) Not Enough by BENNY SINGS


5) Famous by CURREN$Y

6) My October Symphony by PET SHOP BOYS

7) Little L by JAMIROQUAI 

8) Read My Mind by LIANNE LA HAVAS

9) Pull Up the Roots by TALKING HEADS

10) I Feel for You by CHAKA KHAN


Kinda weird, but before stepping out for a lil evening I like getting dressed to sweet, tough songs. Tracks that have these sticky, syrupy, love-y lyrics; a lot of longing and pining, a lot of pleading for somebody to stop fronting and get with the program. Kinda sexual, super sensual, really nice, but also kinda rough. Imagine the feelings you must have to write about someone this way:

“What’s my chance? I’m willing to do anything…”

“I don’t need no one else…”

“I hope you’ll never leave…” 

“Can’t you see it’s me who really loves you?”

All this sweetness coupled with some of the cracking-est drums ever programmed, real Jeep Drums, everything sitting in the perfect pocket to really get your head rocking. After you’re done getting ready, you leave the crib floating on air, even if you’re not actually infatuated with someone (I always am though), and feeling all fly & rapper-y at the same time. Hardcore Tracks for Lovers. Most of the songs are older, as most of this stuff happened around the same era. I haven’t heard too many recent tracks like this, but I’m always searching.

1) You’re The One by SWV

2) Photo of You by ERIKA DE CASIER

3) No One Else (feat. DA BRAT) by TOTAL

4) Give It to Me by FAITH EVANS

5) Last Time Lover by SPICE GIRLS

6) Spring by SAINT ETIENNE 

7) Love on My Mind by XSCAPE

8) Ghetto Style by SMOOTH

9) Sending My Love by ZHANÉ

10) Love No Limit by MARY J. BLIGE 


They Hate Change Drakes Radio


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