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Dinner with Drake's: Corn Fed Chicken Breast with Petit Pois à la Française

By Maxime Alary

Jul 13, 2022

Dinner with Drake's: Corn Fed Chicken Breast with Petit Pois à la Française


Introducing a new series by esteemed restaurateur and friend of the brand, Maxime Alary. Maxime runs London's Blanchette, a French bistro known for its impeccable food and absolute dedication to the finest ingredients. He kindly agreed to share the secrets behind some of his most popular dishes, so you can recreate them in the comfort of your own home.

Maxime's recipes have been brought to life by the wonderfully talented illustrator, Amanda Berglund. 


I love eating chicken on a cold, sunny Sunday, after a stroll in the park. With just a few ingredients you can make an amazing dish to impress your family and friends.  



200g of chicken
Green peas
Baby gem lettuce
Vinegar, black pepper, salt
Chicken stock

Method to Serve

  •  Pan fry the skin side of chicken breast, then finish it in the oven with lots of butter and thyme, turning the chicken every 5 minutes until cooked.
  •  In a pan sauté the shallots with oil and butter, then add the pancetta and cook for 5 minutes. 
  •  In the same pan add the peas, the chicken stock, butter, thyme and mix with a spoon. Then add the baby gem lettuce. 
  •  Cover the pan and reduce everything for 10 minutes until the peas are cooked. 
  •  Finish with a splash of vinegar
  •  Serve the mix of petit pois à la Française onto a bowl plate, and add the chicken on top. 

I recommend you accompany the meal with a lovely glass of red Côtes du Rhône, and a nice piece of bread on the side.  


Et voila. 

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