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Adam Dant for Drake's

By Drake's

Jul 13, 2022

Adam Dant for Drake's

Introducing an exclusive collaboration with renowned London-based artist, Adam Dant.

Since the early 1990s, Adam Dant has been producing art of an intricate and idiosyncratic nature. Frequently hailed as a modern-day Hogarthian, he is known for his (often satirical) maps, charts and diagrams, rendered in startling and complex detail. However, while the world of Adam Dant certainly mirrors ours, it sometimes seems closer to a parallel universe; one in which the past and present collide, the urban landscape becomes a living, breathing creature, and strange coincidence lurks around every corner.

Dant’s commitment to his work is sometimes astounding. Between 1995 and 2000 he adopted the role of an ‘18th Century pamphleteer’ and produced a daily publication under the title ‘Donald Parsnips Daily Journal’, photocopying it himself and handing it out to passers-by. Other projects have seen him write songs by the thousand, or assemble a dictionary of invented words with the intention of introducing them into the French language.

His singular approach to his work has garnered prestigious accolades – in 2002 Dant was awarded the Jerwood Drawing Prize, and in 2015 he became the official Election Artist for the 2015 general election – only the fourth artist to be selected for the role.

Now, in an exclusive collaboration with us, Dant turns his attention towards the ‘Enemies of the Gentleman’s Wardrobe.’ With his trademark wit and eye for detail, Dant depicts those most insidious threats to our finest clothing: moths, pigeons, ash trays, olive oil – even Texan barmaids. Applied to one of our lightweight handkerchiefs, Dant’s design serves both as an elegant accent to a tailored jacket, as well as a reminder of the fates that can befall said jacket, should one’s luck fail. Take care.

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